Founded in 2021, Crypto Nest is a UK-based Cryptocurrency hardware retailer.

We are driven to provide our customers with access to the latest market-leading Cryptocurrency hardware solutions. Enabling individuals to safely store and manage their digital assets. 

Our Mission

We strongly believe that everyone is capable of self-custody, provided they have access to the correct tools and information. 

As such, our mission is to build a supportive community that provides educational resources and a reliable source for all the latest crypto-tech and security tools to enable safe self-custody practices. 


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Security Is Our specialty 

With backgrounds across the Information Technology sector, we understand what it takes to stay secure in the digital world. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards when it comes to selecting the right products for our store. Conducting extensive research into all of the companies we work with, identifying those with high-quality products and exceptional security standards, meticulously testing products and understanding them above and beyond necessary. This allows us to confidently supply products that we trust and use ourselves.  

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We aim to share our knowledge and understanding of the digital asset space through our website's 'Learn' section. This includes our 'Crypto Explained' blogs which break down complex crypto topics. As well as the product guide's designed to help you navigate the different products we have to offer. Of course, let's not forget the 'Cryptionary', over 150 crypto words explained in plain English. 


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Authorised Retailer

Strong partnerships are at the foundation of our business. That's why we are proud to be authorised resellers, working with numerous industry-leading brands. This means you can rest assured that all of our products are authentic, brand new and shipped to us straight from the manufacturers themselves. All products remain sealed in their original packaging, so you know that your product is genuine. 

Please take a look at our partnership list below, if you have any questions/concerns about the authenticity of a product we encourage you to get in touch with the product manufacturer who can verify its authenticity for you.