Ellipal Titan 2.0 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
Ellipal Titan 2.0 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet All Angles
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Ellipal Titan 2.0

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The Ellipal Titan 2.0 is the new and improved version of the world's first fully metal-made, air sealed hardware wallet. This wallet relies only on QR codes for data transmission, making for a secure and easy-to-use cold storage solution for your cryptocurrency. 

The external case of the Ellipal Titan 2.0 is made entirely out of metal, making it incredibly difficult to disassemble without leaving noticeable damage. In the event of a breach to the hardware wallet the chip will delete all data on the device - stopping attackers from gaining access to any data it had stored on there. Furthermore, the Titan lives up to its name as it is also dustproof, waterproof and resistant to heavy impacts. 

The Titan 2.0 uses QR codes in an open data format which can be viewed in depth here. The QR codes are used to transfer data from the cold wallet in an easy-to-use, verifiable and transparent method. Your private keys are never exposed when performing a data transfer using this method. Ellipal also allow you to import mnemonics and private keys from other wallets. In other words you do not need to trust Ellipal, but you can certainly trust the Titan cold wallet. 

Key features
  • Air-gapped cold wallet 
  • Anti-disassembly and Anti-tamper
  • CC EAL5+ Secure chip
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Uses QR codes to transfer data 
  • Easy to use and setup