SafePal X1 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Front
SafePal X1 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Front and Back
SafePal X1 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Screen Display
SafePal X1 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Side Angle

SafePal X1

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The SafePal X1 hardware wallet is the latest wallet to be released by SafePal, backed by Binance, this is their most advanced hardware wallet yet. The SafePal X1 combines a range of features including; an EAL 5+ independent secure element, a true random number generator, multiple layers of security sensors, and an anti-tampering self-destruct mechanism to make an ultra-secure hardware wallet for you digital assets.

The SafePal X1 introduces a high-speed Bluetooth signing mechanism powered by Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. This enhancement makes transaction signing even faster and more secure. To increase usability further, the SafePal X1 utilises a new multi-button keyboard featuring 12 buttons. Combined with the new larger 1.8" LCD screen, it is now easier than ever to navigate and use your SafePal X1 hardware wallet.

Key features
  • Highly-secure offline hardware wallet
  • Ultra-fast Bluetooth transaction signing
  • Larger 1.8" LCD display
  • EAL 5+ secure element
  • Compact design for increased portability
  • Supports 1,000+ coins
  • Backed by Binance