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Trezor Model One

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The Trezor Model One hardware wallet is one of the original and most popular hardware wallets available on the market today, developed by Satoshi Labs, this highly-secure and affordable hardware wallet provides an effortless solution for securing your Cryptocurrency assets. 

Designed with security and simplicity in mind, the Trezor Model One has become the go-to entry level hardware wallet for anyone wanting to protect their Cryptocurrency from 3rd party risks, hacks and other external threats.

The Trezor Model One utilises open source technology, allowing anyone to inspect and analyse the code it runs on. Ensuring that there are no hidden vulnerabilities or backdoors that could compromise the security of the device. 

Backing up your seed phrase is a simple process with the Trezor Model One, with a quick and easy process for generating and backing up your seed completely offline. 

Key features
  • Highly-secure offline hardware wallet
  • Bright OLED screen
  • Two-button pad for navigation
  • Passphrase protection
  • Supports over 3,000+ assets
  • Compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android devices
  • Buy, sell and exchange all in-app
Unmatched crypto security

The Trezor Model One cold storage wallet is designed to keep your coins safe and build your confidence when managing crypto assets. Store and protect your keys, passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data securely on the world’s first Crypto hardware wallet.

Hands-on verification

Buy, sell, and trade coins with complete confidence. Trezor’s unique physical security flow ensures that operations are both deliberate and legitimate. Each and every transaction is independently verified and physically confirmed directly on your Trezor Model One hardware wallet.

PIN & passphrase entry

The Trezor Model One hardware wallets are protected against unauthorised access by a user-defined PIN up to 50 digits long.